Supplies for Doll Dressmakers


  • Buttons

    Small buttons for doll seamstresses

    Our plastic buttons can be dyed with Textile Colors like Dylon

  • Feltpieces

    Feltpieces in many colors and shapes

    from high quality woolfelt for embellishment with appliqué and embroidery

    We use this feltpieces in our production

  • Ribbons and Braids

    Tafetta ribbons, pearl braid and more

  • Workshops and Work Kits

    Get creative!

    We offer various workshops developed by Rosemarie Ionker and Claudia Hillesheim for Boneka with original Boneka Supplies.

    Each workshop contains material as descriped and an instruction how to finish your dolly dress.

    Some of the workshops have been developed and presented at Modern Doll Collectors Convention.

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