This information is for internationl buyers and answers the frequently asked questions which we received from international buyers worldwide.

Do you ship international?

Yes we do. We have customers all over the world and we do have a long-term experience in shipping worldwide.

Please note: the current situation of Covid 19 and the worldwide pandemic leads to delivery delays - especially to USA. This is a major issue and out of our hands. At Boneka we provide the best service we can, we kindly ask for your understanding for issues we can not change.
If you want to have shipped your items with DHL or DHL express please let us know. We will send you an invoice for the extra costs.

Do you ship to Russia?

We are sorry to disappoint our Boneka Fans in Russia. Since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, we have been unable to ship goods to Russia (Russian Federation) due to sanctions imposed by the German government.
We regret this circumstance, but unfortunately we have no possibility to change this.

Why don't you ship to Ukraine?

Since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, shipping to Ukraine has been restricted. The following applies to all deliveries from Germany to Ukraine: DHL does not offer any delivery guarantees or transport insurance. We regret this fact, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.
Our framework agreement with DHL for Warenpost International does not provide any guarantees either.
We have therefore discontinued deliveries to Ukraine.


Our registered office is in Germany. We follow the German Value Added Tax Act.

Prices in the shop are shown in German currency Euro including value added tax (VAT)

Given prices US-Dollar are approximately and calculated by an average exchange rate. Therefore they are only an indication of the approximately price in US-Dollar. Please also bear in mind that the prices are shown with tax.

Mandatory are our prices shown in Euro.

How much are the prices in my currency?

We apologize in advance we can not show our prices in all various currencies all over the world.

To convert Euro prices to other currency denominations please search for a currency converter on the internet. For example to convert Euro to US Dollars, search "EUR to USD" to find a currency converter

Do I pay tax?

Buyers from European Countries are charged prices as shown including the Value added tax (gross amount) which currently is 19%.

Buyers from NON-European Countries are charged prices without value added tax (net value – 0% tax)

At checkout, once you have added your shipping address the order will show a breakdown of costs including any tax payable at the point of sale on the goods in your cart if applicable.

Do I pay custom for importing goods to my country?

Please make yourself familiar with the custom rules in your country.
We do not pay any custom fees or additional import costs for you.

Delivery charges do not include customs or import duties for which the customer is separately responsible.

When we ship international to non-European countries your parcel/envelope will come with a custom declaration. As a reliable business registered in Germany we have to declare value and sort of goods. We always declare the correct value.

If you want us to split your order / invoice / delivery to follow the limited import value of the destination country please contact us. We are happy to help.

Shipping and Delivery

Please find all informations about delivery here.

Will I receive a tracking number?

We always ship tracked parcels / envelopes. We do not submit a tracking no. automatically except when we ship dolls. Then we will add the tracking information to your paypal transaction.

Once we handed over your delivery to the carrier Deutsche Post, we will mark your order as shipped. You will receive a shipping confirmation by email.

Delivery times

We are a small business and do not ship every day. After we received your order we pack and deliver your order within 3-5 business days.

We apologize in advance we can not give exact delivery times to your destination country. Delivery times depend on various parameters e.g. destination country, randomly custom check, weather condition etc.

We even experienced different delivery times when we ship to the same delivery address.

If you are concerned about too long shipping times please contact us for shipping information and tracking.


Our business language is German.

We also speak English.
English is not our mother tongue please forgive any typos or grammar mistakes.

We do not speak any other language.

Please note using the search tool on the website with a keyword in another language it will lead to no results because there is no other input than German and English.

More Information

All informations e.g. terms and conditions of use, data privacy policy etc. you will find in the footer of our web shop.

We hope this information was helpful for you and we wish you a fun and pleasant shopping time in our web shop.

If you have any further questions please contact us via contact formula here.
We are happy to help.

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